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Your attention please

Now that my computer has (finally) settled down, I’m launching my aforementioned Big Photo Project:

“2005: A Year (almost) In Pictures”

Catchy and original, no?

I’ve signed up for an account at Flickr, a neato photo uploading and sharing service along similar lines to what does for bookmarks. My plan is to take a picture a day for the rest of the year and post them all to my Flickr account. If I was smart I would have started this on the 1st and gone through December 31st, but I’m not. 🙂 So thus the (almost). Plus I can almost guarantee I’ll let a day slip here and there.

I won’t promise that every picture will be notable or interesting or anything of the type. Today’s view of the street is a good example of that fact. I just think it’ll be interesting to see the results come next January.

Once I have a few more pictures up there, I’ll try integrating their neato Zeitgeist feature into the sidebar here.

This is a rare cause where I wish I had a camera phone. It would make snapping a picture each day much easier, instead of having to make the effort and remember to bring my camera with me. Who knows, maybe by year’s end I’ll have one…

This is about as artistic as I get, so enjoy it while it lasts.