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Google Video

Google has started offering a beta of a new “Google Video” search. The function is a little counterintuitive given the name. No actual video files are searched – instead Google searches transcripts of TV shows (essentially the closed captioning).

I’ve been playing with it for a few minutes, and its kind of a neat idea. More useful for searching news programs than anything else, as it only covers what has already aired and not what is upcoming. And as anyone who has ever looked at closed captions knows, they are often riddled with errors (especially on live broadcasts). See here for a particularly bad example. There’s a limited number of stations covered for now as well (largely California network affiliates). But it’s still in beta and better than nothing.

For now, Google has no ads on the video search results. And as with Google News, the big question is how can Google claim the right to make money off somebody else’s content? I’ll be interested to see if they can spin this or their News section into profit-making.

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  1. Better than nothing? Have you checked out the competition? You should check out BlinkxTV. First off, it doesn’t rely on CC so the transcriptions are much more accurate. Second, instead of screen shots, there are actual moving clips to view of the actual broadcast. Third, it is free and really, absurdly easy to use. Check it out and see how it compares to Google Video Search. I guarantee you will think twice about using Google for video search.

  2. I was really disappointed with the google video search release. I mean, has anyone else tried out blinkxTV. they are far more advanced than google and released a version earlier. they have over 20 channels and show real video clips! google just shows images (that arent very clear on my computer). if you want to try a real video search engine, then check out blinkxTV.

  3. am I linked from some site about blinkxtv somewhere? odd that both of you commented at the exact same minute.

  4. Hm. When I searched for a reference to in the sitcom “Committed,” I got results with Google Video but not with Blinkx.TV.