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Pulse of the Nation

I’ve been subscribing to Blockbuster’s online rental service (like Netflix) on a trial. I like the service overall, despite some recent shipping delays. Not sure if I’d pay for it long term though.

Coincidentally enough, a few days before Johnny Carson died I added all three DVDs of “Ultimate Collection Starring Johnny Carson”, a collection of Tonight Show clips from his stint, to my queue of wanted DVDs on Blockbuster. At the time I added them to my queue, all 3 were listed as “Available Now”. Now two have “Long Wait” and the third is “Short Wait”. Tons of people are suddenly interested.

The change doesn’t surprise me really, but its amazing to be able to see such a large community’s shifting interests change in almost real time. Truly we are in the information age.

As a side note, I did manage to get ahold of a VHS collection of Johnny Carson clips. Every clip I saw NBC play in tribute the last few days is drawn from these two videos. I’m surprised they didn’t have a better archive available.