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To Google or not to Google

Slashdot is reporting on Google’s new policy of rewarding ‘genius’ in their employees with millions of dollars in stock. The article in question lists part of the rationale behind this move:

“…to give people incentives to apply for jobs at Google even after the promise of getting rich from the company’s initial public offering in August had passed.”

Maybe its just me, but I didn’t think Google had any problem attracting new hires. My understanding was that the big G was inundated with far more applications than they could ever hope to process. Google still has just enough of a counterculture vibe going to attract brilliant programmers, who tend to be a little bit “outside the box”. Plus its one of the biggest names in tech right now.

Not that this isn’t a great program for employees, but I’m just surprised at their rationale. Perhaps they’ve burned through the top 1% of hires and are looking to flush more out of the woodwork?