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More cool VFX

I love stumbling across sites with amazing video clips. Some of these I found a while ago, others just tonight.
-Great because you will never see a transformer do that. But the clip does prove that CG technology is probably capable of doing a Transformers movie now. The U.S. never gets the good commercials…
Another Transformers-esque clip. Particularly impressive given that its entirely amateur, not by a production house.
(linked to page instead of video by their request)
-Again some of the better FX work I’ve seen. My current working theory is that if you combine CG with a handheld camera approach, it looks more realistic. Firefly did it, Battlestar Galactica does it currently, and so does this clip.
And lastly, this might look like FX but none were involved. It’s a commercial for the Honda Accord, and once again never aired in the U.S. But I read an interview with the director once and it is indeed all one shot, it took something like 25 tries to get right.