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(Un)Popular Standard

Been thinking a lot about RSS recently. I love it, using an aggregator has really changed how I receive and process information. But why isn’t use of it more widespread?

The only people I know of who use RSS at all are bloggers. None of my ‘real life’ friends who I interact with daily use it (to my knowledge, speak up if you do!).

(Well I take that back. Some I know use it in a rather innovative way to download new TV shows. Get a bittorrent client that can parse RSS feeds, point it to frequently updated site with torrent files to download, and voila. Instant pseudo-Tivo. But I digress, that use is but a small portion of RSS’ potential.)

Firefox even has some basic RSS functionality built in!

Maybe just putting a feed out there isn’t enough. Maybe the format itself needs some good promotion. Get it out there beyond the early adopter level.