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Gmail going live?

Logged into my Gmail account today and noticed I have 50 invites to give out now. Interestingly, my other account (which I give out to lists likely to spam me and such) still only has 6.

The emergence of the 50 invites makes me wonder if Gmail is getting closer to leaving beta. Though there are so many invites out there now that anyone who wants an account can probably find one, beta or not.

If anyone does want an invite, just ask.

Random thing learned this morning: Tiger Woods’ real first name is Eldrick.

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  1. hej! i just wonder if you could send me one of those invites you got. the thing is i live abroad now, in sweden, and i could really use the gmail, you know, photos and stuff, it would be great!


  2. hi there

    any chance of an invite? I have been trying to get one for ages.


  3. Hi,
    Please send me a dozen Gmail invites if you till have some left.


  4. Reji-

    Gmail will only let me send you one. What do you need a dozen for anyway? Once you have your own account you’ll have your own invites to send.