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Recent Cool Discoveries

Here’s some cool stuff I’ve been grooving on recently:

Mario flash movies!
These things are simply jaw droppingly amazing. The guy who made the short films did it all in flash, using spirtes from Mario 1 waaaay back on the NES. The music, editing, everything is perfectly crafted. The end result is far more epic and grand than Mario probably has any right to be. Now if he’d only finish part V…

Free Speculative Fiction!
It’s a fancy name for Sci-Fi and Fantasy. The site archives freely (and legitimately) available Sci-Fi/Fantasy writings on the web. There’s a good mix of known and lesser known authors available.

D-Lib Magazine!
Good scholarly reading in the digital library arena. Probably not for everyone obviously, but I like it.

Watchmen: The Movie!
Nothing more than a logo at this point, but I’m anxious to see this on the big screen. If only to see what they were forced to cut out. I still think the graphic novel would be better converted to a TV miniseries than a single feature film – The length alone is prohibitive.

2005 (almost) In Pictures!
My year-long opus in picture taking continues. I haven’t missed a day yet, though I’ve come close once or twice. I’m starting to run out of easy picture ideas too, so I’m gonna have to start getting creative…

I know I’m forgetting something. That’s all for now though.