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Hit the road

I think I’m ready to move on.

My first night back from DC, I went to buy groceries. Walking back, all I could really see and hear was people running around and screaming. It’s college town after all. And I don’t really fit in. I’m anxious to get out there, to have a ‘real’ job and get a career going.

I’m ready to leave this apartment, too. Don’t get me wrong, I love the apartment itself. If I could transplant it to another building with capable management and maintenance staff, I’d be happy to stick with it. However, the staff is anything but capable.

When I moved in I noted a few minor things that needed to be fixed. The shower needed some caulking. The bedroom smoke detector did not attach to the wall due to a snapped off piece of it. But nothing that really affects my day to day life. That was in August. Now, in late March, the problems remain untouched. The most annoying thing to go unfixed is my buzzer. The buzzer downstairs for my apartment has no button on it. You can still set it off by touching both prongs with a key or another piece of metal, but imagine trying to explain that to a pizza delivery man.

A couple weeks ago, a repair guy showed up at my door! He claimed he was here to fix my buzzer. Happy Day! Then it turned out that he had been misinformed by the office. This guy was an interior buzzer repair man, not an external one. Talk about a specialized job…. so my heart sank as he walked away.

A month and a half ago, the florescent bulb in the hallway went out. It hasn’t been replaced yet, despite phone calls from both my neighbor and me. The hallway is pitch black, without any windows. Lawsuit waiting to happen, really.

I spend my days just praying that nothing serious breaks in my apartment. My neighbor says once her shower was broken for two weeks before they sent someone to repair it.

Meanwhile, my refrigerator continues to think it is a freezer.

Time to go get my day moving. Venting over.