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Save Our Bluths!

Nick passed on this link to

You’ve probably seen me rant before, but Arrested Development is one of the funniest shows on TV today. Intelligent humor like this is all too rare. AD even won the Emmy for best comedy series last season, yet it continues to be threatened with cancelation.

While Fox claims no decision has been made on whether or not to cancel the show, the cut from 22 to 18 episodes for this season recently does not bode well.

I’m always dubious about the power of these letter writing campaigns to save shows. While it was somewhat successful with Farscape, bringing it back for a concluding miniseries, it failed with most others that I’m aware of (Angel, Firefly, etc). I have a feeling studios make up their mind and nothing we can do will change it. But still, it can’t hurt to spread the word I suppose.

I’m also going to attempt technorati tags one last time, since I know the Arrested Development tag is an active one on there.

P.S. does anybody have any idea how to make Technorati Tags work again for me? I’m formatting the link correctly, Technorati just doesn’t pick them up for some reason.