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Behold… the power of Blogs!

The debate topic testerday in my management class was whether or not digitization was a good idea. Naturally, Michael Gorman’s name came up in the discussion. The points made on both sides were interesting, and this was the first topic in the class that I felt everyone in the class really engaged with. Most debates peter out with a question or two, but yesterday the prof eventually had to cut them off for time!

The really interesting part came during the break immediately afterwards. Gorman remained the topic of chit chat among the desks; the topic turned to his remarks on bloggers, which as you might remember caused quite an uproar in the LIS field and beyond. Suddenly the guy who sits next to me turns and says:

“So Chad, you were at Computers in Libraries, right?”

I was taken aback, I couldn’t recall ever mentioning this to him. It turns out that he saw my picture on TameTheWeb!

I swear, the Internet makes it a smaller world every day.