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Printability in Blogs

Walt Crawford’s newest issue of Cites & Insights is out! It contains a well-executed article about printability of blogs, or rather the lack thereof.

Of course, the whole issue is worth reading, not just this article.

But I’m very happy to see that Hidden Peanuts made the A-List of printable blogs! But as he says, that doesn’t account for content. 🙂 I thank WordPress more than anything I’ve done; there’s been no conscious effort on my part to make HP any more or less printable.

That’s why I like the article so much. It’s something I’d never even thought about before, but now strikes me as an issue worth considering. I don’t imagine that many readers would be interested in printing out what I have to say, for any of Crawford’s three reasons, but of course other blogs lend themselves to that much more ably.

After reading the piece, I checked out HP in print preview out of curiosity. Interestingly, I get slightly different results between browsers. If an image straddles a page break, Firefox just cuts the image in half – one part on page 1, the rest on page 2. IE is a little more intelligent, and bumps the whole image to the second page. I gotta give Microsoft the edge in this department.