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At the end of last year Fox started airing a ‘reality’ show called My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss.

The Premise: On the surface, a clone of The Apprentice.
The Catch: The boss doing the firing, and everyone else besides the contestants, is an actor. The whole thing is a setup.

The boss and company then proceed to mess with the contestants hilariously. My favorite challenge was the paintball one: Each team must try to protect one of their members from a paintball attack from the boss, while accomplishing everyday office tasks.

Unfortunately, it was cancelled after just five of the ten episodes aired.

Thankfully, Fox put episodes 6-10 online! They’ve been up for about a month now it appears, but somehow I’d missed the anouncement.

First Battlestar Galactica, now this. I’m crossing my fingers that studios are finally catching on to the possibilities of online TV show distribution.