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TechTV – RIP… or Reborn?

I’ve never lived in a household that had an extraordinarily inclusive cable package. No problem there really, I rarely felt like I was missing anything. Most shows I watch are on the major networks and a sparse handful of other basic cable stations. While I lamented not having the SciFi channel in middle school, well soon after it showed up on our ‘regular’ cable.

The one channel I always wished we got, and never had fulfilled, was TechTV. Sadly, it no longer exists. G4 ‘merged’ with it, in reality renaming the station to G4 and replacing much of the quality content. G4 is very much a video game channel and very little a generic tech channel. A friend has the new G4, and it rarely equals the heights of programming I glimpsed on the old TechTV now and again.

The few times I did get to watch a program, more often than not it was The Screen Savers. I’m pretty sure that show was wiped off the schedule at the merger. But thankfully, the original hosts of the show have started a podcast!

“Revenge of The Screen Savers” had its inaugeral this last week, and plans on posting a new show every Sunday. I’m psyched! Finally I can get in on the fun.

Plus, its a great example of one potential of the ever-emerging internet: alternative methods of content distribution.