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Circulating video games – reporting in

Back in March, I mentioned John Scalzo’s effort to begin a video game collection in his library. Now thanks to LISnews, I have a chance to follow up.

In the new article, I find some pleasant surprises. For one thing, not a single game has come back damaged! I’m astonished. Very pleased, but also surprised. That damageless fact alone could do wonders to convince other libraries to begin collections.

I especially appreciate Scalzo’s attention to “Balancing games the public wants, games that are critically acclaimed and family-friendly titles…”

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  1. Hey man, I just stumbled across your post and I wanted to thank you for the kind words. And I also wanted to mention that my last name is spelled Scalzo, not Szalco. Although telemarketers have prounounced it that way.

    I also wanted to say hey to a fellow Rochester native. Small world huh?

  2. Yeah I keep running into people from the area! There’s more of us than I thought.

    And so sorry about the spelling, I hate it when people get mine wrong. I’ll correct it momentarily.