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Yesterday Yahoo announced that it has scooped up Konfabulator. The most immediate effect is that the ‘pro’ version of Konfabulator is now free!

Konfabulator is a program that emulates for windows quite nicely the widget functionality found in Mac OS X Tiger. While the two systems are not compatible with each other, the end result is the same. You download small ‘widgets’ which display on your desktop. In case the idea isn’t entirely clear, here’s what my desktop looks like with the widgets I use:

(click for larger version)

I just have four simple ones – weather, a ‘to do’ list, a Flickr photo uploader, and a CPU usage monitor.

Speaking of Flickr, Yahoo owns them too. Would be nice to see a more fully functioning widget for use with the site. Supposedly widgets are simple to create – being completely coded in Javascript. I might have to look into it.

On a side note, how cool would a ‘search the library’ widget be?