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Podcast roll call

I’m new to the podcasting world. In the pre-iTunes era of podcasting, I only listened to two: Open Stacks and This Week in Tech. iTunes was the killer app for me – its so easy now for me to subscribe! I haven’t quite figured out how to provide links to the podcasts in iTunes, but they can all be found by searching Apple’s podcast directory inside the program.

Here’s my annotated and growing list, in alphabetical order:

  • ABC News Shuffle – Two reporters’ perspectives on major news of the week
  • CNN News Update – An hourly news summary from CNN Radio
  • CommandN – Amber Mac and Mike Lazazzera from Canada’s Call For Help tv show make web picks of the week and cover a bit of tech news. Note, this is a videocast.
  • Diggnation – Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht of discuss the top stories on the site each week.
  • iTunes New Music Tuesday – Snippets of new music for sale on iTunes each week. Song selection is a bit of hit or miss for me, so I often end up skipping portions.
  • KFI’s Tech Guy – Leo Laporte, formerly of TechTV, podcasts his weekly California radio shows one week after they air.
  • OPAL Podcast – Online Programming for All Libraries. The gaming show was particularly interesting!
  • Open Stacks – Greg Schwartz, the Godfather of librarian podcasting, runs a library commentary ‘cast.
  • Science @ NASA Feature Stories Podcast – Someone at NASA reads major press releases. Its blatantly obvious that the speaker is reading from a page, but the content is still interesting.
  • This Week in Tech – A whole bunch of former TechTV hosts get together and shoot the breeze each week.
  • Xbox Live’s Major Nelson – “Major Nelson” is in charge of Microsoft’s online gaming Xbox Live community. A great insider perspective.