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Library Journal Bloggers’ Roundtable

The roundtable discussion/article I took part in at ALA in June is now up on Library Journal’s website!

Here’s what I wrote immediately after the event itself.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the print edition (October 1st issue) and see what it looks like. Especially anxious to see if there’s any pictures. Extra thanks to Michael Stephens and Brian Kenney for putting it all together.

10/3/05 update: We made the cover! I didn’t expect this at all, and am thrilled! (I’m the head just to the right of ‘talkin’) Must find print copy now!

I’d also like to echo what Meredith said, in that there was oodles of insight from the discussion that didn’t make it into the article. Going to ALA was worth it for that conversation alone.