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Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium

I’m all signed up for the Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium in Chicago next month!

Jenny first mentioned it here, and there’s an official registration site . is also related, and has more information on each speaker.

I’m really excited for a number of reasons. First, gaming is an area I’m interested in even in my personal life. Learning how to apply the concepts and lessons learned to library work will no doubt be fascinating. Second, we’re in the process of working up a similar small scale symposium at work – I’ll be keeping an eye on how this one is run for ideas. Third, its my first business trip! And lastly, I’m excited about returning to Chicago. My brief exposure to it last June at ALA was a lot of fun.

And you know, maybe by December 5th I’ll be missing cold winters 🙂

Anyone else planning on attending?