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Structured Blogging Annoyance

In the past, I’ve loved using the WordPress Structured Blogging plugin. It adds a nice review form to my posting page. I fill in how many stars, a picture, etc, and it makes sure all my reviews are consistently formatted.

As part of today’s upgrade to WordPress 2.0.1, I also upgraded the Structured Blogging plugin. Now, I can’t edit my posts created with earlier versions!

This fact is noted on the official wiki, but of course I didn’t think to check there first.

So after an hour of playing with Ultimate Tag Warrior, and finally getting it working, I can’t add any tags to any review I’ve ever written with the plugin. I suppose I could go directly into the database and insert them manually, but I really don’t want to do that.

One of the main reasons I added tags was so I could group posts better. For example, giving everything from the Gaming in Libraries conference one tag. But because I wrote those session summaries in the Structured Blogging plugin’s form, no can do.

I am not happy.