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Cool things I’ve run across recently:

By no means is this an all-inclusive list. – This site lets you download a whole U.S. patent in one pdf file, as opposed to the official registry’s method of one page at a time. I made a couple of our researching faculty members really happy with this link. – See which of your Flickr photos have been featured on the Explore page. Four of my year in photos project made the cut! (On a related note, I’m going to revive that project for 2007)

This primer/guide has been invaluable as I start to think about getting an HDTV. So many acronyms and numbers! Unlike a lot of more technical tv choice guides, this one is anchored with a dose of reality.

Beth of LibGaming invited me to iLike, a social recommendation engine for iTunes. It takes up a bit more of my screen real estate than I’d like, but otherwise seems pretty useful so far.

I got an iPod Nano! (Just the 2gb version, that’s still far more music than I can listen to while running.) Combined with the Nike pedometer sport kit and an armband, it has completely changed the way I exercise. The online stat tracking and comparisons with friends is really addicting. Plus, I run outdoors more now that I can keep reasonably accurate track of how far I’ve gone. I may write more about this at some point.

Lastly, I recently got to try the Nintendo Wii at a store. Now I’m going to have to buy one. Even a simple driving game is addictive!

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  1. I’m taking a break from YiP for 2007. Maybe we should alternate years. Awesome cross.

  2. Hi Chad. I just got this in an email this morning:

    Google has indexed all patents (issued, not pending) and the interface is so much easier than that at the USPTO. No need for a separate viewer to look at the drawings. I found it extremely useful.

    Regarding Wii: My daughter’s boyfriend bought one when they came out (yes, he sat outside the store and waited) and it is the most fun I’ve had with a video game. Ever. We’ve been playing the “sports” that came with it and it is really fun and nice to do something besides just sit in front of the screen. If I could get my hands on one, I’d buy it.
    : )

  3. I’m jealous! I can’t wait to get my hands on the system.