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Year in Pictures 2007 – Halfway there

I’m now halfway through my project of taking a photo every day for a year! I’ve kept up with it, and am pretty pleased with the results. I think I had more genuinely good pictures by this point last time I did the project, but I’ve still got some gems this time around. Here’s some of my favorites from the first half of 2007:











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  1. Hi,

    inspired by your “a photo per day” idea I started doing the same last year (July 5, 2006 to be precise). With my camera phone I took at least one picture which was of interest, was a reflection on what I was doing or documented a part of my life now (my desk, my bike etc).
    It has made me more aware of my life and it’s nice now to look back on all those pictures! I will create a (physical) photo album with captions of it and continue with next year.

    Thanks for the inspiration,


  2. Wow, wonderful! I use my camera phone for the project a lot too, having it with me at all times makes the idea much more doable. I made a physical album the last time I did this project, and I really love having it on hand.

  3. My favorite is the first, the power lines work great as a way to direct your eye. But I love the balloon face too, that cracks me up.