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Flickred Out

Hoo boy. I’ve spent my free time yesterday and today uploading and sorting and tagging pictures into my new paid Flickr account. As of right now I’ve got 511 photos in there. I need a break.

At first I was uploading everything. Then I realized how ridiculous that is and started uploading only the good ones. That’s enough of a backup for me. But as a result, 1999 (the first year I took digital pictures) has more pictures than any other year. Thankfully I’ve been remembering to tag with the year so I can bring you this handy data. I’m caught up to February of this year in my uploading now and I’m pretty proud of the organizing job I’ve done so far.

If for some reason you’re interested, the sets are viewable here. Every picture I’ve put up is in one of those sets, even if just the Miscellaneous one.

I just gotta say how unbelievably awesome Flickr is. However, it would be even more unbelievably awesome if my camera had recorded the correct date on every picture.

I’m off to have a drink on my 18 inch balcony. Still 62 degrees out, woo!