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Random catch-up

I’ve been falling behind on blogging recently, I’ll admit. Here’s a quick list of stuff that has caught my eye recently:

WordPress is offering free blog hosting along the lines of blogger’s setup. Simply get in line at and await your golden ticket. I really love working in wordpress, and having someone else keep an eye on updates and general maintenance for me would make it even better! is an amazing web-based meta-IM service. I’m really excited about all these “web 2.0″/Ajax sites we’re seeing pop up. My only real problem with Meebo is that its too easy to accidentally close the window and log off. But its still a great product for being so early in development. Its great to see real applications that are entirely web-based.

Speaking of Ajaxy sites, is my new homepage. Its similar to Microsoft’s and Google’s IG, but better executed. I’ve never been able to stay logged into Google’s between browser sessions, for example. Plus, it lets you put multiple Gmail accounts on the page, something neither other service does. I can monitor my ‘real’ account and my spamcatcher at the same time! Netvibes could use a better, more relevant URL though… I keep having to look it up.

In library land, D-Lib has a great analysis article this month on the Google Print project. I admit a bit shamefully that I haven’t been following news on this topic as closely as I probably should. This piece was a good catchup.

Nintendo finally unveiled the controller for their next console, the Revolution. And the design is, well, revolutionary. There’s tons of potential for innovative, more fully interactive gameplay here, and I sincerely hope Nintendo follows through. I find myself more and more drawn to the innovative games over the newest hot shooters recently. The Revolution might be the one next gen console I invest in.

I also continue to really enjoy and learn from I’m trying to find a way to integrate my recent diggs into the site here, but I just can’t make it work with the design. Suggestions are welcome.

That’s all for now, I hope to be back more fully in the blogging swing of things soon.