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How to fix Amazon’s “Send to Kindle” feature

stkTopBanner[1]When I manage to fix a technical issue that doesn’t seem to be well documented online, I like to share what worked for me. In that spirit:

This morning, as I often do, I emailed an ebook file to my address to load it onto my Kindle. For the first time in years, it didn’t work. I got no error message from Amazon, and never got the standard email acknowledging receipt of my file either. The file just never appeared on my Kindle. I tried sending it via their Send to Kindle PC application too, and got the same results – my file disappeared into the ether with no confirmation or error message.

After pulling my hair out for a while, I noticed that my Amazon Cloud Drive (everyone gets 5gb of storage for free) was full. I piled it full of some last resort backup files six months ago and promptly forgot it existed. When I deleted a few files out of that Drive today, suddenly all my Send to Kindle features started working again. I don’t know if this is a policy change or related to the recent changes to the structure of Amazon Cloud Drive, but I do know my Drive has been full for months. I don’t know why it suddenly started rejecting my files, but there we are.

Side note: It’s very poor design for Amazon to not provide any error message in this situation. They could very easily email me about the full Drive, or pop up a message in the PC application. Both options looked like they sent the file successfully. Amazon support was also completely clueless about this when I contacted them.

The TL/DR version: If your email address or Send to Kindle program has suddenly stopped working and provides no error messages, check if your Amazon Cloud Drive is full.

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  1. Helpful article. However, for some reason, Amazon says I do not have any Cloud Drive space (not even the free 5 GB) and “Send To Kindle” works for me once in a blue moon – small files ~ 10KB txt files come through but slightly bigger ones ~200KB don’t.

  2. I tried deleting docs. Still didn’t work. Looks like they are charging to use the Cloud? I am very confused and irritated that I cannot download docs to my kindle without paying a fee. Am I doing something wrong? AMAZON IS NO HELP

  3. Thank you so much! There was no way that I would figure that out on my own. LEGIT.

  4. I’m glad it helped! This was incredibly frustrating for me.

  5. isnt working for me.

    delete kindle, get an apple.

  6. Didn’t help me – but what did was to delete/re-install the iOS app. 🙂

    It seems Cloud Drive is not used for Kindle Library any more

    Thanks for the article

  7. IF you are still using Windows XP, or are using a CPU that does not have SSE2 instruction set, you will likely not be able to use Kindle for PC or Send to Kindle for Windows any more. Both will fail upon use, Send to Kindle silently fails when you select the drop down “Send to Kindle” option. Kindle for PC and Send to Kindle for Windows will both give exception errors on startup, 0x000001d, twice, if you click on the icons or use Windows explorer to start them.
    I just wasted 3 hours yesterday and several more today, along with about an hour in a chat session to find the contrary to Amazon web pages, Windows XP is no longer supported. They don’t tell you…

  8. kindle.exe – application error oxc000001d is the correct error number
    Sorry, don’t know how to or if possible to edit a post.

  9. Saved my day! I deleted everything under my Send-to-Kindle section in Amazon Drive and now sending works again.

  10. Thank so for the advice. As soon as I started to delete items from the cloud suddenly the new book I sent to kindle began to download . Wouldn’t it be a good idea if Amazon told you your device was full and that you have to make room? Duh

  11. Hello, Chad,

    I’ve tried to find out a solution for that for more 3 weeks. I did it most of the suggestions I saw in reddit, blogs and in this page, but they weren’t working: I still didn’t manage to download new documents I sent from my PC or Android device. I wondered if it had something to do with my device storage, but I had about 500 MB of free space.

    Anyway, I tried to delete old books/documents from Kindle (via USB)— I deleted about 20-30 files (some of them was the largest ones I had)— and now the send to Kindle resource is finally working again: I resent all the last documents through Amazon’s page and have sent new ones and they’re also being downloaded. It apparently indeed has something to do with the Amazon cloud storage, but I wasn’t able to access it in my account.

    I’m not sure if it is going to solve your problems, but maybe you could try it.

    Best regards,


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