And I’m off!

In the morning I will rise really really (really) early and head to New Orleans!

A bunch of people are already there, and I’m very jealous. Blog posts are starting to filter in, and I find Andrea’s post over at the PLA blog to be absolutely adorable. A couple of kids came up with the idea of selling lemonade outside the convention, with profits going to local damaged libraries. The shots she put on Flickr are great as well.

Anyway, if all goes well (crossing my fingers after some of the travel horror stories I’ve heard today), I should hit the convention center mid-afternoon. See you there!

I hope to take advantage of the convention center’s free wi-fi and blog while I’m there, at least a little bit.

P.S. The convention even got a mention on Silicon Valley gossip blog ValleyWag today.

ALA Schedule

Here’s where I’ll be at ALA: (no, the colors mean nothing in particular)

Disclaimer: Everything is open to change due to unforeseen circumstances and plain old burnout 🙂 Some of the longer events in particular I just can’t see myself sitting still that long.

I’m still debating whether or not to buy a ticket to the scholarship bash Saturday night – anyone else going and want to meet up? Meeting up any other time would be great as well.

I was looking forward to hearing Chris Anderson of Wired magazine in particular, until I noticed he’s speaking on the exact same topic he did last year (The Long Tail). Oh well, that frees up time for the Professional Blogging topic!