CityWalk’s Berlin Wall: Investigating an Urban Legend

At Universal CityWalk Orlando, there’s a bit of history that’s not on any map: A segment of the Berlin Wall is hidden away behind the Hard Rock Cafe. You’ll never find it if you’re not seeking it out:
full wall segment, still very faded

The Urban Legend

Unlike most pieces of the Berlin Wall, this one has minimal graffiti art. And what’s there is almost gone, extremely faded.

Supposedly a well-meaning maintenance worker power-washed the graffiti off the wall, unaware of the historic value.

Or did it just fade in the Orlando weather?

I’m obsessed with this wall. It’s both historic and meaningless at the same time (segments of the wall are everywhere. My local coworking space even has one.). The power-washing story extends it almost into performance art, a perfect encapsulation of everything weird and wonderful about CityWalk.

To try and confirm or deny the legend, I’m looking for datestamped photos of the wall segment. If I can see that the paint disappeared quickly, it was probably power-washed. But if it’s a more gradual process, weather is probably the cause.

Can you help fill in the gap?

I need photos of the wall from between 1998 and 2009.
Ping me on Bluesky or email if you’ve got one. I’d also love to hear ideas of where I can look.

The Photographic Timeline So Far

(I’m linking to sources except when they have faces visible)


The wall has vivid paint, seemingly outside, as represented in a 1994 Russian Pink Floyd fanzine. Thank you to redditor DanEngler for finding this.
full shot of berlin wall segment, outdoors, with vivid paint


Spotted in a video, the wall has been moved inside the old Universal Hard Rock Cafe.
full shot of the wall, blurry. paint intact.


After the old Hard Rock is torn down and rebuilt, the wall is outside. Paint is still looking pretty good. From
full berlin wall, paint still intact


The wall is still outside, paint is very faded. What happened since 1998?
wall in 2009, paint very faded. Two people sit in front of it, faces blurred


This partial photo, with a close-up on some of the faded paint:
close up of the bottom segment of the wall


Full view, looking much like it does today. Looks like the plaque was replaced since 2010. From
full wall, graffiti very faded

2013 – Today

There’s lots of pictures available, with very little additional fading of paint.


full wall segment, still very faded