UNC Libraries’ Intranet

screenshot of results from a task in a study.  94% of users were able to find procedures for a common task in their department.


My goal was to analyze gaps in functionality and structure of the UNC Libraries’ internal intranet. Changes I made to the information architecture, based on my usability tests, increased task completion rates from 74% to 91%.

My Role

I served as primary researcher to analyze and improve the information architecture of the Libraries’ intranet. Built in Sharepoint, we had limited control over interface. But we had full control over architecture and structure, and were able to make key improvements. I conducted all research for this project. We’re revisiting this research in 2019 to look at how the Intranet’s content and structure has evolved. Qualtrics and Treejack work well to gather and analyze this kind of data.

Methods & Tools Used

  • Qualtrics Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Optimal Workshop’s Treejack

Sample Research Reports