User Needs Assessments

Screenshot of a qualtrics card sort in progress


The UNC Libraries’ homepage has to serve a diverse range of users, with research needs ranging from new undergrads all the way up to advanced Faculty. In 2018 we began an extended research project to learn more about those groups, including how to define which groups exist. Outcomes from this research will lead to an eventual architecture & design overhaul of the Libraries’ web presence.

My Role

I led the team which developed a hybrid card sort & survey in Qualtrics. Distributed broadly on campus, we received more than 2500 responses in two weeks. This data has already proven extremely useful, and analysis is still underway.

Research Methods & Tools Used

  • Qualtrics
  • Interviews
  • Card Sorts

Early Results

In 2018 I presented a poster (see pdf) on some of the results from this survey at the UXLibs Conference in the UK. This analysis focuses on use of our online Places to Study tool – which an astonishing 93% of undergraduate students and 79% of gradute students use. This data was taken from the Qualtrics survey mentioned above.