Addition of Tags, and a Question

You might notice that I’ve added tags to each post, courtesy of the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin.

If you’re not familiar with the concept: Just click on a tag (after ‘Filed Under:’ above), and a page will load with every post I’ve written that has the same tag assigned.

At the very bottom of the page you can find a nifty tag cloud, where the size of a tag represents how often I’ve used it. I may move this elsewhere on the site soon.

One tagging question: Is there an easier way with this plugin to go back and assign tags to my older posts than doing each one individually? I’d love to be able to do it all on one page, because doing each post separately will take literally forever.

Structured Blogging Annoyance

In the past, I’ve loved using the WordPress Structured Blogging plugin. It adds a nice review form to my posting page. I fill in how many stars, a picture, etc, and it makes sure all my reviews are consistently formatted.

As part of today’s upgrade to WordPress 2.0.1, I also upgraded the Structured Blogging plugin. Now, I can’t edit my posts created with earlier versions!

This fact is noted on the official wiki, but of course I didn’t think to check there first.

So after an hour of playing with Ultimate Tag Warrior, and finally getting it working, I can’t add any tags to any review I’ve ever written with the plugin. I suppose I could go directly into the database and insert them manually, but I really don’t want to do that.

One of the main reasons I added tags was so I could group posts better. For example, giving everything from the Gaming in Libraries conference one tag. But because I wrote those session summaries in the Structured Blogging plugin’s form, no can do.

I am not happy.

WP 2.0.1 Upgrade

Tomorrow I’m going to take the plunge and finally upgrade to WordPress 2.0.1. If the site implodes shortly after, assume that’s why.

Update: done! Painless and easy. Let me know if anything does not behave correctly, please.

New writing: The Camera Eye

I’ve been waiting to post this until I actually wrote an entry there, but this year I’ll be posting movie reviews to The Camera Eye.

The blog is the brainchild of Evan, who I went to college with. He pretty much got me into writing movie reviews for the campus paper (and later I became entertainment editor), so how could I say no? I’m really looking forward to contributing, even if I don’t see as many movies as I’d like. We have seven contributors at the moment, so there should be a pretty steady stream of new posts.

Here’s my first review, King Kong.

Coming Attractions

This is turning out to be a very busy time of year for me. Regular posting will resume sometime in the near future.

Sunday, I leave for Chicago and the Gaming in Libraries Symposium!

Assuming all goes well, I’ll be blogging the event in something approaching real time. Look for posts here on Monday and Tuesday night, if you’re interested.


This is just a hello to anybody who found Hidden Peanuts via the Library Journal article. Sit down and stay a while! If you’re wondering where the library content has gone, I’ve recently been focusing on a countdown of my top ten favorite multiplayer video games, which took up most of my writing time. I’ll be back to focusing more on the LIS and tech worlds now. Feel free to browse the categories to the right of the site for older posts.

I’d like to point out that I also write for Library Journal’s Techblog, which has a great bunch of contributors and a more newsy, brief and regular update format than this site.


I’m still here and all is well. A number of people have contacted either me or acquaintances of mine, knowing I recently moved to Alabama and asking if I had come through Katrina OK. Don’t waste the prayers on me – they’re needed elsewhere.

In the end, Katrina’s eye ended up swinging further to the west of Huntsville than was originally forecast. We got lots of wind and a notable level of rain, but very little damage. The worst I had to endure was two hours without water. In comparison to other areas, I’m more than blessed.

So my absence from blogging (and responding to comments) is not due to weather, but in fact a combination of time spent moving and spotty internet access at my new apartment. But the new job is going well, and I’m quite happy with where I am!

More to come.


I forgot to mention this before I left, but I am now in Alabama! Looking forward to starting work next week, and spending time getting things ironed out. I won’t have net access for a little while, so things here will be quiet.

P.S. I’m writing this from the Huntsville/Madison County Public Library. Beautiful place!