My Portfolio

You might notice an extra button in the upper right corner of the site, labeled “Portfolio”. I’ve been looking for a way to show off some of my work, and this seems to fit the bill. As of now there’s only two projects featured there, but they each represent many, many hours of work. And as I dig through my computer, I’m sure I’ll find more things to put on display.

In case you’re reading via RSS and want to check it out, here’s a link.


Despite my misgivings about the whole process, due to a new security flaw I upgraded to WordPress today. My links to individual entries stopped working at first, which nearly gave me a heart attack. But it seems to be ok now.

As much as I love using WordPress, deep down inside me somewhere I’m convinced that the whole site is balanced like a house of cards, and the slightest wind will topple it all.

Let me know if something doesn’t behave as expected.

Chicago and things to come

edit: Thanks to Sharon for pointing out that I misformated the LITAblog link. Fixed now!

I’m done with class for a bit, and packing up things for my trip to ALA in Chicago!

During my last conference attendance, at Computers in Libraries back in March, I did a lot of coverage here of various sessions. This time around, things will be different.

My thoughts on and summaries of ALA sessions will be posted at the Public Library Association’s blog: In addition, I’ll be continuing to contribute to Library Journal’s Techblog.

Back at home on HiddenPeanuts, I’ll be posting more personal thoughts like my experiences in Chicago itself, pictures, anecdotes, etc. I’ll do my best to link to my posts elsewhere, too.

Expect nightly updates, as I don’t want to pay for wi-fi in the conference center.

In other ALA coverage, the Library & Information Technology Association promises many posts at Sharon, a classmate of mine, is posting so check it out!

Right now my big conundrum is whether or not to attend the ALA Scholarship Bash Saturday night at the Museum of Science and Industry. Opinions/recommendations are welcome.

Almost forgot, I’ll be spending Friday morning at the Wired NextFest! Its “education day”, so as a student I get in for free! Expect many pictures.

WordPress 1.5.1 RSS bug

The RSS problem I mentioned the other day was not limited to just me. The WordPress 1.5.1 upgrade had a major RSS bug. If I understand correctly, the RSS feed was only generated for 24 hours after a new post was made. After that, it just returned a blank page.

Official bug fix:

Replace your wp-blog-header.php in your root WordPress directory with this one.

I ran across this fix here. Thanks for the pointer!

RSS woes

I seem to be having problems with my RSS feeds on the site today…. they’re showing up blank. Are they working for anyone else?

Then again those of you who read my posts through RSS won’t see this if the problem is indeed widespread. Hmm, conundrum!


I just finished upgrading to WordPress 1.5.1. Pretty painless process, really. But there’s a big security hole that the upgrade fixes, so I recommend you do it yourself.

But please leave a comment if something on the site is busted.


For some reason Bloglines has stopped reading new entries from my feed. Anyone have any idea how to fix it? The last entry it shows is this one from about a week ago.

Hidden Peanuts 2.1

I’ve just done a bit of an update on the site! I had an assignment to do for my Information Architecture class, and the redesign fit it perfectly (The switch to WordPress 1.5 a bit back was actually part of the same assignment).

No huge changes. I eliminated the ARG category listing, since I almost never post anything under it, and anything that does get put there fits under Gaming just as well. I also added in some links in the upper right, including my resume. I tweaked the existing theme a bit as well, probably nothing too noticable.

I think I’m finally almost 100% satisfied with the way the site is set up!

RSS full text

You might notice that I’ve upped my RSS feed to show full text of the entries. Sorry about the delay, I assumed it was already so.

I’m all Flickred up

I took the plunge and decided to spend my annual partial-tax-refund-indulgence on a Flickr pro account!

Now that I have the capability to sort things into unlimited albums instead of the three Flickr’s free version limited you to, I’ll be uploading pictures beyond my standard one a day. If you’ve been following my year in pictures project, here’s the new URL directly to it:

The old one will take you to my main Flickr page, which will henceforth have more photos than what I’ve been doing up till now. I plan on using the increased upload capacity to back up large chunks of my existing photos, as losing them is a subject of constant paranoia for me.

To see everything I upload, go here:

I feel so elite!