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Dear Amazon: We just want changelogs!

Saturday, October 1st 2011

After pulling Neal Stephenson’s new book Reamde from the Kindle store, Amazon replaced it with an updated version yesterday. The whole saga is detailed at Teleread. While perhaps not as disturbing as the time Amazon infamously pulled copies of 1984 … Continue reading

01. October 2011 by Chad Haefele
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Why I’m not sold on Bloapp

Tuesday, August 30th 2011

Sometimes I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! There’s been a lot of excitement on librarian blogs and twitter accounts today about Bloapp. The service converts your blog into an app… sort of. Now excuse me while I put on … Continue reading

30. August 2011 by Chad Haefele
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Geotagging my photos for greater datanerdery

Tuesday, April 26th 2011

When I do my year in photos project (every odd year since 2005) my worst librarian tendencies surface and I get somewhat obsessive about organizing them and making sure all the metadata is just so. This year I’ve got a … Continue reading

26. April 2011 by Chad Haefele
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Upcoming presentation: Computers in Libraries 2011

Monday, March 14th 2011

I’m very excited to be presenting briefly at Computers in Libraries in DC next week! Come see me at 4:30 on Monday, 3/21. I’m not quite sure where I’ll be, but I’m part of the Cybertour series of quick presentations. … Continue reading

14. March 2011 by Chad Haefele
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Virgin’s Project – app overkill

Saturday, December 4th 2010

Earlier this week, Virgin launched an interesting new project. It’s called, well, ‘Project’. Project is essentially an iPad-only magazine. The key word is only. I’d link you to an article in the magazine, but I can’t. See, Project has no … Continue reading

04. December 2010 by Chad Haefele
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