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Cutting the cable

Friday, February 25th 2011

We moved recently, and didn’t like any of the cable options in our new neighborhood (we’d go back to Uverse in a cold second if they’d only expand to Durham!). Frustrated and not willing to go with satellite, we took … Continue reading

25. February 2011 by Chad Haefele
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Dumbphone: Using a US smartphone to navigate Europe with RMaps

Friday, April 30th 2010

After we got married (!) last month Melissa and I spent 10 days in Europe on our honeymoon. London, Paris, and Rome! It was an amazing trip, especially since neither of us had been to Europe at all before. But … Continue reading

30. April 2010 by Chad Haefele
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Mobile Site Generator Update: v1.1 (RSS feed parsing)

Friday, April 9th 2010

Last night I pushed out the first major update to the Mobile Site Generator. There’s one big new feature: It can now pull in content to a page from an RSS feed! This feature assumes your web server is running … Continue reading

09. April 2010 by Chad Haefele
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Mobile Site Generator

Tuesday, February 9th 2010

I’m really excited to launch a side project this morning that I’ve been working on for a while: Mobile Site Generator After filling out a form with page titles and few other bits of info, the generator spits out a … Continue reading

09. February 2010 by Chad Haefele
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Back to life, with news!

Wednesday, June 3rd 2009

I’ve been much quieter here than I intended to be lately, and hope to revitalize my posting routine in the near future. But first, I have news! News! Melissa and I are engaged! I picked out a ring about 2-3 … Continue reading

03. June 2009 by Chad Haefele
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Libraryh3lp – Javascript based IM reference service

Sunday, February 10th 2008

My supervisor, Pam Sessoms, has spent years building up the IM reference service throughout campus at UNC. Up until recently, we’ve been using a combination of a custom Pidgin client and Meebo widgets to make the system run. But recently … Continue reading

10. February 2008 by Chad Haefele
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How to add a Meebo widget to a Facebook Page

Thursday, November 15th 2007

UPDATE 5/18/12: These instructions no longer work. Click here for an updated guide. ———- With the release of Facebook’s new Pages system, libraries can now create an official presence not tied to an individual staff member’s account. But once created, … Continue reading

15. November 2007 by Chad Haefele
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